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Micronutrients in Agriculture UAM Group

The group of Micronutrients in Agriculture has worked for more than 30 years in designing, characterizing and studying the effectiveness of new fertilisers containing micronutrients. From Fe, Zn and Mn chelates to complexes and other secondary products with complexing properties. Besides these studies in metal micronutrients, in the recent years new research lines have been stablished studying the effect of silicon and other biostimulants against nutrient deficiencies in plants.

Last news

Last Friday, March 4, the micronutrients group participated in "Madrideciencia" at the IFEMA - Madrid fairgrounds. It brought the youngest closer to the current problems of agriculture and the lines of research that are being followed to solve them. Researchers and students were united to spread the work done in the laboratory. Without a doubt, it was a most instructive and enjoyable day for participants, students and laboratory staff. We hope to see each other again in future editions.

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