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Current Research Lines

Main Research Lines

  • Biodegradable chelating agents as Fe, Mn and Zn fertilizers.

  • Siderophore-producing microorganisms for the development of Fe fertilizers.

  • Brown Seaweed extract composition and its effect on iron deficiency plants.

  • The role of silicon as biostimulant in plants with nutritional deficiencies.

  • Potential use of yeast extracts as urease inhibitors for an efficient use of nitrogen fertilizers.


Secondary Research Lines

  • Influence of rootstock on vineyard ferric nutrition: From enzymatic to field experiments.

  • Use of SIG and Remote Sensing in Integrated Assessment and Participatory Mapping.

  • Synthesis and physico-chemical characterization of metallic hydr(oxides) for environmental and agronomic purposes.

  • Radiometric measurements as a crucial preliminary step in Precision Agriculture.

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